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Gulture Enterprises Dedicated to encouraging artists, musicians, storytellers, and developers who stretch the boundaries of their mediums.


I’m Frank Colin and I’ve been swimming in the media stream my entire life – music, TV, radio, video, film, live concerts, theater, film, books, art, dance – you name it.

If I don’t see live music at least once a week, I go through withdrawals.

Though I can’t program my way out of a paper bag, I’ve used computers for decades.

I’ve been involved with video production since the Sony portapak –  the first portable reel-to-reel video tape recorder.

I founded the first company that marketed and distributed a variety of software productivity tools specifically designed for film and television production. I was midwife to Final Draft, world’s #1-selling scriptwriting software.

My expertise and insight is in technology as well as the media and entertainment industries, giving me a unique perspective.

Throughout my career, I have been highly successful in guiding a number of organizations in their business development, marketing, product development, media relations, and social media strategy.

Everything is media.

Gulture Enterprises has been my DBA for decades. The logo was originally a button from the ’60s.