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By December 8, 2011music
Village Music was the ultimate record store

Village Music was the ultimate record storeI’ve lived in Marin County, just north of San Francisco for most of the last 35+ years.

I have been fortunate to live here. Two of my all time favorite music-related venues in the world were both located nearby, in Mill Valley. The legendary Sweetwater Saloon for live music and the ultimate record store, Village Music. I literally spent many hundreds of hours listening to music at the Sweetwater and thousands of dollars purchasing music at Village Music. Unfortunately, both are now closed due mainly to absurdly high rents. 

To say Village Music was a record store is like saying Mount Everest is a hill. It was a University of American Music. John Goddard, the owner, was it’s professor and also it’s ringmaster.

I could go on touting its greatness, the in-store shows I experienced, the people I met there, what I learned… but instead there is documentary being made by Gillan & Monroe Grisman, children of the great musician, David Grisman.

Village Music Documentary

Village Music Documentary

They just began a Kickstarter campaign and need to raise $50K.

If you love music, donate what you can...

This is a story that needs to be told – it was a remarkable place and John is a remarkable man.

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