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PedSafe Free App

PedSafe Free App for Pedestrian Safety

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PedSafe Free App

I’ve been assisting a Former Fire Chief and a Former Public Works Supervisor in getting a pedestrian safety app launched that may actually save some lives. It’s a very simple idea, easy to use, and FREE. Though you can argue that it is drivers that need to be more responsible & to treat pedestrians with respect, the reality is, it’s a jungle out there. Check it out –

Dana Gould Quote

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dana gould quote

“Reality shows – People who aren’t actors, are put into situations by people who aren’t writers. They are reacting in a way they think you would like to see them behave if this was a real situation, which it is not, and you are passively observing it. You are watching an amateur production of nothing.” ~ Stand-up comedian and comedy writer, Dana Gould

Check out his great podcast.


What Leonard Nimoy Taught Me About Hollywood Celebrities

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leonard nimoy's last tweet

Late one night in the early ’70s, I was in a Vons on Sunset near Beverly Hills, when I spotted Leonard Nimoy. Mr. Spock.

“Wow!”, I thought to myself, “One of my TV heros!”

He was alone and was pushing an overloaded grocery cart, with a number of boxes of Huggies, as well as many groceries.

I thought, “Oh. He’s just a regular guy, living his life. Not everything in it is exciting.”