Steve Jobs, Halloween Character

Steve Jobs on Mac

Why not add a few more words to the gazillions that have been generated this week about Steve Jobs?

The computers & gadgets he had a hand in creating provided me with the tools I’ve used to make a living most of my working career, and I’ll always be grateful for that. 

I met the Steves (Jobs & Wozniak) at the West Coat Computer Faire in 1979, when I worked for the software company Stoneware. We were showcasing the revolutionary (at that time) DB Master  – a comprehensive database program for the Apple II. We chatted small talk about our software & the computer business.

Later, my work at various software companies had me visiting the Apple campus many times, working at most MacWorlds, etc., but I never encountered him again. I also heard hundreds of anecdotes about him – both how difficult it was to work for him, as well as how wonderful it was.

While I was VP, Business Development & Marketing for Final Draft (#1-selling scriptwriting software), part of my job was to visit retailers and demo our software. At end of October, 2001, I went to the Apple Store in Glendale, California, which had been the first to open on the West Coast a few months before. Before my demo, I was talking to a group of young employees – 2 female, 6 male, I think – and asked what costume or character they were planning to be on Halloween, which was that evening.

Every one of them answered “Steve.”

That’s both funny and kinda creepy. And not surprising.

Granted, it’s an easy costume and one that now almost become iconic, but that’s a very telling testament about the devotion they felt for him.

How many company’s employees willingly want to dress up as their CEO to honor him?

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